Saturday, December 19, 2009

$300 Video Gets $30 Million Hollywood Deal

When I saw this in Yahoo, I could not believe it.  I just had to blog about it!

A guy from Uruguay named Fede Alvarez made a $300 4-minute sci-fi video on giant Robots and spaceships invading Montevideo (Uruguay's Capital) and uploaded it on YouTube Thursday and by Monday, his emailbox was loaded with bonafide Hollywood offers. A bidding war ensued and Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures signed him on with a $30 million deal.

After seeing the video, I myself would have offered the same amount if I had it.  This guy is talented.  I was already impressed with "Paranormal Activity" which was done for just around $15,000.  This guy is just blew them out of the water with what he has achieved for just $300.  This story is a great testament to talent over raw budget!  -- as technology starts to equalize the playing field, talent will become king.

 Here is the video titled "Ataque de Panico (Panic Attack)."  The craftsmanship is just amazing:

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