Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrities And Their Cameras - 2

By popular demand, I am extending last year's photo collection: "Celebrities and their cameras" with a new set of celebrities shot with their cameras "on hand."  When I posted it last year, I did not realize that a lot of people would be interested in seeing their favorite celebrities being photographers themselves-- apparently we number in the thousands.
So here is an additional collection.  Consider it my way of thanking all of you, for your continued patronage :-)  Enjoy!
The Master (Picasso) captures light with a Leica
Frank Sinatra does it his way with a classic Nikon F 
Tony Stark (Robert Downey) always brings his Canon
Lady Gaga is a Nikon user
Eric Clapton trying to find his way around a Leica
An SLR on the yacht for Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis
A "fashionista" like Anne Hathaway always carries a compact
Jimi Hendrix prefers a Canon Super 8 to capture Purple Haze
Bon Jovi exudes style and quality by using a Canon with an L lens
Beyonce and her Canon EOS 50D