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Atom Magadia is a freelance professional Photographer/Cinematographer (Editorial and Advertising) and Filmmaker (Writer/Director) based in the Philippines . His particular areas of focus in Photography are fashion, portraiture, glamour/erotica, product, and food. Atom also creates "Fine Art" images utilizing Still Photos, Video and graphic/illustrated images singularly or by combining these mediums.
His love affair with Art started in early childhood with informal doodling and drawing.  Then Photography became his passion 40 years ago, when his father Ato (they are both named Renato) gave him his old still and Super 8 movie cameras as presents for his 10th birthday.
Atom's fine art work reflects his personal perspective on "Life" and the world he lives in. He utilizes his skills according to subject matter, and freely experiments using one or combining various visual media to creatively express his unique vision. He utilizes both digital and analog image capture, and renders using both digital tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.) and traditional materials (paint, ink, charcoal and graphite).

As a career businessman/financial consultant and a visual artist by vocation, Atom is in a unique position to understand the delicate balance that exist between commerce and art in the fields of advertising and publishing. As both filmmaker and photographer, he enjoys working with creative individuals and collaborating with them to deliver projects that are not only professional, but also original. He strongly believes in catering to his client's needs first and foremost, and using that as a creative challenge to engage his own vision and hone his craft. Atom regularly shoots in both film and digital (on 35mm, medium, large format and professional motion cameras) using the Fuji X, Canon EOS, Mamiya RZ, Sinar P, or various other professional still and motion capture systems (e.g. Hasselblad, Panavision, Arri, Sony, Red), depending on the client's requirement and need.

Atom's photography has been regularly featured in various projects and campaigns, as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers. For Atom's PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL AND EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO, go to www.facebook.com/magadiaphotography.