Thursday, April 8, 2010

Instructions by Neil Gaiman

After doing some storyboarding for my movie projects and realizing that I can still somehow draw, I decided to personally illustrate my first Graphic Novel idea.  It might take a year or more to finish one book (at the rate of about three pages every a week).  But it would give me complete control over my story.  At first, I wanted to write a novel based on my "serialized" story idea. But I finally decided on the "illustrated format," primarily because it is much more "cinematic."

Though I still photograph a lot, I have also been immersed in a lot of doodling these past two months... Pencils and pens... Charcoal and ink...  Unlike photography, which creates a complete image at the click of a shutter, illustration is more slow and microscopic... almost meditative.  Composition is very deliberate and conscious, that you get totally immersed in every stroke and line.

I saw this animated trailer of Neil Gaiman's new book, "Instructions" with pencil drawings magically transforming into beautifully rendered colored illustrations, and I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if the reality of creating Graphic Novels was as easy.  The book, appropriately, is an instruction manual on how to successfully navigate through a treacherous and deceptive fairytale landscape.  Exactly what I need to guide me safely through the treacherous and deceptive landscape of my own imagination.

--Video courtesy of Harper Kids from YouTube.

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