Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrities And Their Cameras - 2

By popular demand, I am extending last year's photo collection: "Celebrities and their cameras" with a new set of celebrities shot with their cameras "on hand."  When I posted it last year, I did not realize that a lot of people would be interested in seeing their favorite celebrities being photographers themselves-- apparently we number in the thousands.
So here is an additional collection.  Consider it my way of thanking all of you, for your continued patronage :-)  Enjoy!
The Master (Picasso) captures light with a Leica
Frank Sinatra does it his way with a classic Nikon F 
Tony Stark (Robert Downey) always brings his Canon
Lady Gaga is a Nikon user
Eric Clapton trying to find his way around a Leica
An SLR on the yacht for Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis
A "fashionista" like Anne Hathaway always carries a compact
Jimi Hendrix prefers a Canon Super 8 to capture Purple Haze
Bon Jovi exudes style and quality by using a Canon with an L lens
Beyonce and her Canon EOS 50D 

A Rollei TLR for Elizabeth Taylor
Clint Eastwood focuses with a motor-driven Nikon
Jim Carrey goofing around with a Canon
Kate Middleton is always stylish with a digital compact
Princess Grace framing a picture with a Rollei TLR
Emma Stone doing some street photography with a digital compact
George Harrison likes using three types of formats all at once 
For Diane Kruger, only a huge Pentax 67 will suffice
Adam Levin indulging in some private photography using a 35mm SLR
Legendary racer, Ayrton Senna, analyzes the races with a telephoto equipped Nikon
Bob Dylan shooting a film with a professional 16mm Arriflex
Slash using a 35mm on a photo break, with Axl Rose
Billy Joe Armstrong employing a Canon on stage
Janis Joplin caught with a classic Nikon
Clark Gable stylishly sporting an SLR with a top-mounted viewfinder
Jeff Bridges posing with his Widelux swing-lens panoramic camera
A Canon with a top-mounted Flash does the job for Jennifer Lopez
Mia Farrow shooting with a classic Nikon F
A sophisticated Contax rangefinder for Emily Blunt
Milla Jovovich also shoots with a Contax, but a "point and shoot"
Miley Cyrus is equipped with a DSLR
Tony Hawk shooting with a classic Olympus Pen
John Mayer likes Canon
Vin Diesel likes Nikon
Jason Statham is an avid Canon fan
James Bond (Sean Connery) armed with an SLR
Che Guevara using an early SLR prototype during his campaigns
Zack de la Rocha expresses his rage with an old Nikon F
Andy Warhol experimenting with a wooden manual crank motion camera 
--thank you to all the photographers responsible for these photographs

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Anonymous said...

That's not a classic Nikon F Frank Sinatra is using, its a Nikon Photomic T.