Monday, November 2, 2009

Canon EF Mount Zeiss Lenses

Carl Zeiss, Inc. just announced the newest addition to its ZE Series Lenses (Canon EF Mount), the Distagon T* 2/35 ZE.

The Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35 ZE is a 35mm standard wide-angle prime for all film and digital Canon EOS cameras models, with a wide aperture of f/2.  It features a moderate 53 degree field of view (horizontal) with very minimal distortion, perfect for commercial, travel and nature applications.  A manual focus fast lens that features a short angle of rotation for precision focusing, the 35mm ZE was made for professional handheld use.  Constructed with 9 high-definition zeiss elements and coated with the Zeiss T* anti-reflection coating, it easily captures bright light sources without unwanted artifacts.  Stylishly sleek and elegant with an all-metal mechanism, it compliments the contours and rounded body design of the Canon EOS cameras.

The 35mm ZE is the 6th lens from Zeiss available for the Canon EOS Series.  The other ZE Series Lenses are: the Distagon 18mm f3.5 ZE, the Distagon 21mm f2.8 ZE, the Distagon 28mm f2 ZE, the Planar 50mm f1.4 and the Planar 85mm f1.4.

The complete ZE Series to date is shown below:

Canon cameras with fine Zeiss lenses -- a dream of mine that has become a reality!

Manufactured under license by Cosina in Japan with Zeiss glass, it is available in a variety of camera mounts: Canon (ZE), Nikon (ZF), Pentax/Samsung (ZK) and M-42 screw thread (ZS).

For an in-depth review of the individual lenses, go to:

The 50mm and 85mm Planar ZE lenses are available in

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