Sunday, July 18, 2010

Portfolios Published with Blurb

I just finished publishing volume 1 of my advertising and portrait photography work using Blurb.  Ever since my son accidentally broke my main external hard drive (containing my original RAWs), I have been trying to puzzle back together a record of my older work.

After coming back to Manila, I was able to find some old CD ROMs, prints and miscellaneous copies of my old photographs, which I have somehow assembled to create these two portfolio books.  I am still working on my Editorial Portfolio (Volume 1), since I still need to gather actual copies of the Magazines and Newspapers I worked on.

When I started shooting professionally, I did not pay too much attention to achiving -- relying on one harddrive and CDs to record my RAW.  I lost my harddrive and I could not find my original CDs... I learned my lesson the hard way, I now use three harddrives and DVDs to file my originals.

*These books are meant for private use and should not be purchased without the consent of the author.

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