Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Street" with my Fuji X Cameras

My Fuji X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras

I am now one of those who can testify that the Fuji X cameras are indeed revolutionary. They are compact and small, yet boast of the best features most professionals require in a digital camera system.
The Fuji X series cameras, particularly the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 (X-E2), are amazing photographic tools. Both are equipped with  the  16 megapixel  APS-C X-Trans CMOS that professional users swear equal the "top of the line full-frame DSLRS" in picture and color quality-- some even claim that it rivals Leica. The sensor's sensitivity is also highly praised for its extreme low-noise up to ISO 6400 (ISO can be extended up to 25600). Although the X-E1 has a built in flash, I never saw the need to use it even underneath the light of the moon. The X cameras are mirrorless, so are rock steady and quiet handheld even at 1/15th of a sec.; with the image stabilized zoom lenses I have been able to hand hold them without blur even at  1/4th of a sec. My two cameras are beautifully "retro-styled" like analog-era rangefinders, the X-Pro1 even has a state of the art optical viewfinder that shifts frame-lines automatically. Lighter and half the size of my professional DSLRs, with lenses equal in quality to Canon's L series, my Fuji X system is a dream come true.
I am not trading-in my Canon, Mamiya or Sinar systems just yet. In my line of photography, each system has its advantages. I still prefer my Canons for rapid action and motion/cinematic-imaging jobs (high fashion, sports, wildlife) and my Mamiya RZs & Sinar P for high-resolution commercial projects; but the Fuji X system has certainly added new dimensions to my work-- street and travel photography.
My XPro-1 with my old manual Canon FL lenses.

My Fuji cameras' compact, light, quiet and unimposing build; and its ability to tackle natural light in any condition makes them the perfect companion cameras to carry everyday wherever I go. The Fuji X system is also robust, currently supporting 7 high quality prime lenses and 5 zoom lenses with more in the pipeline. The system also has dedicated flash units (which I probably will never need) and attachments to tailor fit the cameras to the user. With the cameras' "shoot w/o lens" feature, I could also choose to mount 3rd party lenses using adapters. My old manual Canon FL prime lenses have a new life and are now back in service!
When I started my photography, I was essentially doing "street photography." But when I became a professional my subject matter became focused, I specialized and narrowed down my imaging to studio based techniques. It is so refreshing to be able to shoot anything, anywhere, in any light. This flexible camera system has given me back a fresh perspective on Photography that I have been missing for a long time.
Here is a sample of my work using the Fuji X cameras: 
"The Wedding Party"
"Peking Road"

"Poor Man's Gold"
"Living Inside A Tunnel"
"Afternoon Fruit Break"
"Toy Soldiers"
"Fresh Mangoes And Eggs"
"Extreme Chrome"
"Red Hat & Inflatable Giraffe"
All the photos are the exclusive property of Atom Magadia. 

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