Monday, August 3, 2009

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is in the news again... Art Capital Group (ACG) is filing a suit against her for breach of contract. Annie had given up her rights to her photograph and property in exchange for a loan. Now ACG is asking for her cooperation in selling off her copyrights to help the repayment.

This is tragic! One of the greatest Photographers of time, losing her rights to her life long work in exchange for a loan. A major recession, one of the worst financial crisis in the history of America, bail-out funds worth billions of dollars charged to tax-payers, now this! What will these financial genuises come up with next?

I came across Annie's work when I was still a teenager experimenting with photography. I was immediately struck by the quality of her pictures. She singularly created a new standard for Celebrity portraits. Her photographs stand-out, not because of their technical proficiency, but by the sheer power of her subjects personalities masterfully manipulated and magnified through her eyes.

Here is a selection of interviews on her art, her technique, her philosophy and her life.

Annie's Work with Rolling Stone Magazine where she started out...

More on Annie. Interview by KCTS 9 on January 2009.

Annie answers 10 questions posted by readers of Time Magazine on November 2008.

Annie shoots the Disney Dream Portrait Series, Winter 2008.

A Video Biography of Annie Leibovitz is available in

--Videos taken from the YouTube Archives.

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