Sunday, October 18, 2009

David Hockney Paints with an IPhone

David Hockney has been painting with an IPhone for more than a year now. He discovered an IPhone application called "Brushes" and just started to doodle, sending 4 or 5 of his spontaneous "sketch-paintings" per day via email to a group of about a dozen friends -- from where the electronic paintings eventually find their way out to the rest of the world. David has created hundreds, maybe even thousands of these original "art pieces"  by now ever since he began.

I am intrigued by this story because David Hockney is a prominent artist, who's not only widely famous, but is also reconized as a seminal figure in 20/21th Century Art. An artist of this caliber utilizing the cellphone (particularly the IPhone) as a tool to create "Art", gives "cellphone art/photography" a boost, an endorsement of sorts -- publicly declaring the electronic gadget fit for the creation of "Fine Art." Of course a lot of photographers (and artists) have been using the IPhone as a serious photographic tool since it was first introduced, but there have been many cynics.

I have been seriously shooting with an IPhone since the original model, and I am currently on my third one (3Gs). Though I have a good selection of cameras to choose from, I find "IPhone Photography" liberating --"Seeing" becomes primary and technique secondary. I agree with fellow Iphone photographer Chase Jarvis' statement, that "The Best Camera is the one that's with you." Because of its primary function as a phone, I am never without my IPhone!

Here is a selection of David Hockney's IPhone Art.  I think they are simply spectacular:

For more information on David Hockney and his IPhone Art, read Lawrence Weschler's Article: or watch his recorded video presentation:

--IPhone Art by David Hockney

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