Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Canon DSLR Flagship: 1DX

Canon, Inc. just introduced its newest "flagship" professional DSLR model, the EOS 1DX. It succeeds both the 1Ds and the 1D lines, combining the best of both worlds -- high-quality image with high-speed capture. The "X" in 1DX designates the cross-over or the merging of Canon's two pro digital lines; "X" also represents the 10th generation of professional DSLRs from Canon; and finally, "X" stands for X-treme.

The new camera uses not just 2, but 3 separate processors (2 DIGIC 5) to deliver full-resolution RAW or RAW+JPEG images at 12 fps, with a high speed choice of 14 fps at JPEG mode.  One sensor (DIGIC 4) is dedicated to the new 61 point high-density Reticular Auto Focus (41 cross-type points) and the 100,000 pixel ambient/flash RGB metering sensor, which gives the 1DX lightning speed focus and exposure accuracy capable of tackling the most demanding action and motion shots.

The new full-frame 18 megapixel (5184 x 3456 pixels) sensor features gapless microlenses and larger individual pixels (1.25 microns larger than the 1D Mk IV and .55 larger than the 5D Mk II). This gives the 1DX an ISO range of 100-51200, with an extended range of a low 50 and 2 high option -- to a maximum of 204,800.  This camera guarantees sharp low-noise images even in the most dimmest conditions.

The video capabilities of the camera have also been upgraded.  It is capable of 1080/30p/25p/24p HD video capture, with options for 720/60p/50p as well.  Downsampling errors as well as moire have also been reduced.  The 4GB file system limit has been improved with an automatic file splitting function, giving the camera almost 30 minutes of continuous video capture.  It also supports both intraframe (ALL-i) and interframe (IPB) compression, to aid post-production and editing workflows.  The camera supports two SMPTE-compliant timecode embedding (Rec Run and Free Run) to ease syncing multiple cameras in post.  It also supports manual audio control, with an option for external stereo microphone.

Canon also redesigned the shutter mechanism with lighter carbon fiber blades, making it more faster and more durable.  It is rated at 400,000 cycles.

For more information on the other new and improved features this camera has, please go to www.canoneos.com   

Here is a video of the New EOS 1DX:

--Photos from www.canoneos.com.  Video from Youtube.com by BryanMumble.

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