Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrities And Their Cameras

Celebrities are normally found in front of the camera.  But in this collection of celebrity photographs I collected from the internet, we see them behind the camera-- being photographers themselves.  I thought it would be interesting to put these pictures together in one exhibit.  There seems to be a personality fit in their choice of camera formats and brands.  What do you think?
Large Format for Angelina Jolie 
Canon DSLR for Madonna
Classic Nikon for Kristen Stewart 
Avril Lavigne likes Canon
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck horsing around with a Hasselblad

James Dean and his Rollei TLR 

Denzel Washington using a classic 8mm movie camera
Julia Roberts uses film in her Leica
Brad Pitt likes using a classic Leica

Britney Spears uses a digital Canon
Christian Bale prefers a Leica
Tom Cruise shooting with a Digital Canon SLR
The Ex-Governor used a Yashica in the old days.
It was 35mm for Brigitte Bardot
David Bowie shoots with a Hasselblad
Polaroids for Drew Barrymore
Elvis used a rangefinder (Nikon or Canon?)
Digital Canon EOS for Emma Watson
Intant for Heath Ledger
Canon for Jackie Chan

Taylor Swift snapping her Canon compact

Ben Stiller takes pictures with a Canon
Jennifer Aniston shoots with a Nikon
John Lennon and his Kodak Instamatic
Johnny Depp prefers a mini film camera 
Scarlett Johansson uses a Leica
Katy Perry with a micro digital toy camera
Michael Phelps taking a picture with his Iphone
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) used Nikons
Lenny Kravitz is a Leica enthusiast
Polaroid for Marilyn Manson
Rolleiflex for Marilyn Monroe
Michael Jackson using a Praktica (?) 
Classic Rolleiflex TLR for Natalie Portman 

Paul McCartney shooting with a 35mm

Penelope Cruz with her Leica

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra sharing a Hasselblad joke

Queen Elizabeth II and her Leica

President Obama uses a Canon
--thank you to all the photographers who shot these pictures.


Unknown said...

Jackie Chan, Emma Watson, Tom Cruise all the celebrity’s images are looking great, same as their acting, I like tom cruise’s movie Mission Impossible, and Emma Watson’s new moon, also many movies of Jackie Chan. You have really great collection of celebrity’s pictures with their cameras; I have never seen these pictures on the internet, I just want to say thanks for sharing these pictures.

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Atom said...

Thank you for the comment. It was my pleasure.