Friday, September 4, 2009

Canon EOS 7D Camera

As a camera enthusiast and collector, a "new camera launch" always excites me. Being a Canon user since the old F-1 era, Canon camera announcements are an extra treat.

I don't upgrade my photo gear every time a new model is announced... I usually skip one generation before I trade-in my cameras for better ones. The introduction of the new Canon 7D last Tuesday is timely -- I am ready to upgrade from my 40D.

Although I use 1Ds bodies for professional (commercial) work, I find them too heavy to lug around for my own personal work. Combine them with a couple of Pro L lenses (not to mention the telephotos) and you would need to bring an assistant just to get around.

I found the "ten D" series bodies light enough to carry in one bag -- together with a couple of pro-series Sigma lenses (10-20mm 1:4-5.6 DC HSM EX and 18-50mm 1:2.8 DC EX Macro) and Canon Lenses (EF 28-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS USM and EF 70-200mm 1:4 L USM), I have the perfect travel kit for vacations. Even though I seldom use the built-in flash, it is still handy as a fill-light in certain situations (a feature the 5D does not have). The smaller APS-C sensor magnifies the image approximately 1.6 times, giving me an extended telephoto range (minimizing my need to carry more longer lenses). But if I need more focal length beyond that, I just bring a tele-converter or swap the 70-200mm for a larger telephoto.

I do not know if Canon is still planning to lauch a 60D, but I consider the new 7D to be the perfect replacement for my current 40D (which replaced my previous 20D). With full HD Video recording, it also eliminates my need to bring a separate video camera with me when I travel.

Here are the new specs:

New 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor

Dual DIGIC 4 processors

ISO expandable to 12800

Continuous shooting at 8fps

Full HD Video Recording with full-manual control and selectable frame-rates

On camera video editing

Viewfinder with 1.0x magnification and 100% coverage

3 inch LCD with 920k dot resolution (viewing angle of 160 degrees) with ambient light sensor that automatically adjust screen brightness

19 pt. cross-type AF system including spot AF

iFCL metering system with 63 zone dual-layer Sensor

Mike Owen, European Product Planning Manager for Canon, talks about the 7D...

I am now eagerly waiting for the Canon 1Ds Mark III's replacement (MarkIVs ?)... With the release of the 7D at 18 megapixels, my reliable 1Ds Mark IIs are getting a little dated.

The New Canon 7D is available in

--video clips from YouTube by ChristopherKblog, photo from Canon.

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