Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Affordable Waterproof Housing For Your Cameras

Dicapac WP-610

For a few dollars, anyone can waterproof, weatherproof or dustproof their cameras with a Dicapac waterproof case.  Made from high-quality PVC with Silicon and TPU Rubber, it is the perfect camera housing for swimming, snorkling, diving, boating, camping, skiing, rafting or simply as a proctective covering against rain and dust. It is currently available in twelve different configurations to fit consumer sized video cameras and still cameras (from SLRs to compacts).

I bought a Dicapac WP-610 case for my Leica D-Lux 3 and tested it last weekend in our pool.  I am glad to report that it is effective and well worth its price.  Here are underwater photos of my wife and daughter swimming:

Aside from the Leica D-Lux 3 and D-Lux 4, Model WP-610 also fits the Canon Powershot G Series and the Sigma DP Series. The case features a UV coated optical lens barrel with a front port diameter of 62mm and an additional 3.5 inch extension barrel for longer lenses.  A detachable neck-strap and foam insert (for better fit) are also provided.  The case is guaranteed to a depth of 33 ft. or 10 meters using a double seal system with a waterproof zipper, plus roll and velcro closures.

Another case I am interested in is the WP-S10, which can easily accomodate a Canon 7D or 5D Mark II.  It features the same materials as the WP-610 in a larger dimension and features a bellowing/extending barrel that stretches to 200mm (80mm diameter) to accomodate a variety of lenses. It also features a finger sleeve to access the shutter release and for reaching the top side camera control knob. It is guaranteed up to 16 ft. or 5 meters in depth.  This case will be perfect for most of my professional still and DSLR HD work, as a weather proof case and as an underwater housing for light diving needs.  It retails for a low $150!

Dicapac WP-S10

Here is a video of the Dicapac case in action:

Dicapac cases can be purchased online at http://www.coolcameracases.com/ or from your favorite camera dealer.

--Photos shot with a Leica D-Lux 3 in a Dicapac WP-610. Product photos from coolcameracases.com. Video from Youtube.com by Dicapac.     

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